Holdrege Fire and Rescue

Holdrege Fire School February 15,2015

Registration Tables at Holdrege Fire School on Sunday February 15, 2015
Eric Van Horn going over his notes to address the assembly before classes begin. The Man in Charge.
The large assembly before classes start at the 2015 Holdrege Fire School
The Vendors at the fire school. All kinds of stuff for sale!
Class 1. Fire Scene Investigation by Direct Tactical Fire Training.
Class 2. Ropes In The Fire Service by State Fire Marshal's Training Division.

Class 3. Haz-Mat Awareness by State Fire Marshal's Training Division.
The Cooking Crew, Jim Fries of "Grinders" and The Holdrege Ladies Auxiliary did a good job keeping the Firemen Full!!!!
Class 4. Clandestine/Drug Lab ZResponse by Brad Butler & Gabe Kowalek, Central Region Clandestine Team/KPD.
Class 6. Excellent Outcomes through Mission, Vision & Values by Capt. Christopher Langlois, Omaha Fire/Rescue.
Class 7. EMS-Part 1 Infection Control by Traci Holt, LPN, Infection Prevention, PMHC.
                      Part 2 HazMat Basics for EMS by Pat Gerdes, Region 15 Emergency Management.
Class 8. EMS 2- Part 1 Pediatric Trauma/Aur Neducak Services by Good Samaritan Hospital Trauma Team.
                          Part 2 Amtrak Passenger Rail Emergencies by Gary Miller, AMTRAK Emergency Manager
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