Holdrege Fire and Rescue

Rural Fire Board

Holdrege Rural Fire Protection District

In 1953, under state statute, the Holdrege Rural Fire protection District was brought into service to provide fire protection in the rural area surrounding Holdrege. The District covers an area of 162 square miles of farms, residences, and agricultural and commercial properties. The District is governed by a Rural Fire Board composed of five members elected from within the Fire District. Tax levies authorized by the board and paid by the residences within the district provide the funds to purchase and maintain apparatus, equipment and housing. Some funding is provided by charitable donations. The Rural Fire Board meets quarterly at the Holdrege fire department meeting hall. Notice of these meetings is advertised in the Holdrege Daily Citizen newspaper. The Holdrege Volunteer Firefighters also staff and maintain the Holdrege Rural Fire Department.

The Rural Fire Protection District consists of. A 1995 1000gpm Pierce Saber engine; a 2008 International Pierce Contender 500 gallon Pumper; and a 2003 F450 grass truck with tank and pump. Water is supplied by a 1991 GMC 3200 gallon tanker and a 2001 GMC Danko 1800 gallon tanker with pump. Both water tankers are equipped with rear and side quick dump valves for placing water into two 1200 gallon portable water reservoirs.

The Holdrege Rural Fire Board consist of Five members:

Wade Johnson- Chairman

Rich Krohn-Secretary                                                                                                         

Mike Ecklun-Treasurer

Steve Bryan- Vice-Chairman

Kevin Hodge

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